Esterra Park and its adjacent commercial and residential neighborhoods offer a rare combination of massive commercial commerce, retail space and housing.

Overlake and Redmond combined are the third largest employment center in the region with approximately 46,000 jobs, and the City has plans to substantially increase this population.

With 1.5 million square feet of retail within a one-mile area, Esterra Park’s residents and workers will have their pick of amenities. Overlake Fashion Plaza and Overlake Plaza are both within a walkable three blocks of Esterra Park and feature some of the most recognizable names in retail: Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Starbucks, Office Depot and Baja Fresh, among others.

Residents will also have their pick of employment opportunities. In the heart of the Overlake neighborhood sits Microsoft’s 10-million-square-foot world headquarters, as well as a host of other companies, including Nintendo, Honeywell, Hitachi, Intel, AT&T, Medtronic, Univar, Tata and Astronics. Esterra Park offers unparalleled proximity to software and digital media world leaders.

Future Development

Esterra Park will be the centerpiece of Overlake Village—a new, 175-acre neighborhood adjacent to SR-520 in Redmond, WA, which has been up-zoned to allow for millions of square feet of new development.